Bangladesh Association Glasgow was part of this artists' conversation for the last 5 days. It was a glorious opportunity for Scot-Bangladeshis to present their stories and present Bangladesh on a positive colour. It was also a time to learn about other cultures, hear their stories. It was fascinating! It was wonderful to make new friends from all over the world! Thank you NTS again for choosing #BAG as the group to represent Glasgow and in the process recognising the contribution of Scot-Bangladeshis have been making to Scotland for years #NTSHomeaway


MEMORi depicts experiences of three members of Bangladeshi community in Glasgow during the war of Independence of Bangladesh in 1971. These are previously untold personal narratives of horrific escapes, human trafficking, hunger and death. Recent events in Syria have created an urgency to share their stories to a cross-cultural understanding. There has been little representation of the Bangladesh experience to the West; but much private reflection has led to a hard won conviction to peace and human rights within the community.

Through this project, the aim is to develop skills in various aspect of the theatre production amongst the community members and use experience to create a pool of skilled theatre-makers within community.

For Home Away, then participator performing arts companies have been invited to create and perform a new piece of theatre exploring their place in the world - the experiences which connect the forces which isolate us. Two performances each evening offer the tantalising prospect of authentic stories - created and performed by the communities represented - played back-to-back, allowing audiences and participants the opportunity to reflect on some fascinating connections and contrasts.