Bhasha: The Glasgow Language Festival

The word ‘BHASHA’ (ভাষা) translates to Language in Bangla. The festival is inspired by the legacy of 21st February, the ‘ভাষা শহীদ িদবস’ (Bhasha Shôhid Dibôs) or the Language Martyrs Day of Bangladesh. Back in 1952, in the then East Pakistan, people made the ultimate sacrifice for the right to speak in their mother tongue. 47 years later in November 1999, 21st February was proclaimed as the International Mother Language Day by the UNESCO (UNESCO 30C/62) which has been celebrated throughout the world since.


‘BHASHA’ has been recognised as one of the programmes of UNESCO’s Year of Indigenous Languages 2019. Glasgow leads Scotland’s growing reputation for welcoming people from around the world. In some estimate there are now about 140 languages spoken in Glasgow. We hope this annual event will bring together different language speaking communities of our city through sharing their literature, poetry and their performances. The exchange of ideas will educate, inspire and create a more cohesive and enlightened society. Bangladesh Association Glasgow brings the legacy of Bengali speaking people of the world to Glasgow through this festival. This is “Our gift to Glasgow”.



Dr. Saif D Khan