February 17 tlc horoscope

That said, February may come at you fast. With two eclipses marking the beginning and middle of the month, your vision for the future may change, your social network may shift, and your sense of who you are may be up for review.

Think back to August , the last time the eclipses activated these themes of identity and connection. Was anything significant going on? With the Sun passing through the South Node of the Moon, there may be a poignancy or nostalgia to the month, a sense that in order to move forward, something has to go.

Eclipses tend to put things front and center; they force decisions or, rather, make the decision for you. And something may have to give between you and your connection with others. Friends, community, social network, social circle, the future, hopes, wishes, belonging, identity, self expression, talent, responsibilities, commitments, public life, title, status, reputation, direction, higher education, beliefs, faith, philosophy, morality, religion, law, foreign travel, long distance journeys, search, meaning.

How you feeling, Taurus? Is the earth beneath your feet rumbling a bit? Do you sense big changes on the horizon? In many ways will be a pivotal year for you and, as you go into February, you may feel like the Wheel of Fortune is spinning around and around, holding your breath to see where it stops.

February 17 Zodiac: Aquarius

February is Aquarius Season. The Sun is right up at the highest reaches of your chart, shining a light on career, the role you play in the world, and the responsibilities you carry.

Keep this in mind as February is eclipse season and between a lunar eclipse at the beginning of the month and another in the middle of February, the great axis of your life is tilting in a new direction. As mentioned, the month opens up with a lunar eclipse, one that will activate the bottom of your chart — your roots, your foundation, the place you call home.

Maybe something is coming up with your family, your parents. That said, this is about bringing in the new things or even the new people who will help build your foundation.

On February 10, Venus, your ruling planet, will into Pisces, making you extra sensitive for the rest of the month. Then, on February 15, another eclipse will herald a new chapter in your career or a shift in direction as well as responsibilities.

Think back to last August, the last time we had a pair of eclipses. You may see a connection to that time with events in your public or professional life this month. Lastly, Mars is heating up themes around money, trust, intimacy, and vulnerability this month.

As you watch the Wheel of Fate spin, examine your fears and anxieties. Own up to the deepest parts of yourself. Be vulnerable even in the midst of change.

Career, status, reputation, ambition, maturity, public life, outer world, responsibilities, title, direction, internal compass, home, family, parents, living situation, moves, foundation, roots, emotional security, community, friendships, social network, social connection, groups, beliefs, faith, philosophy, truth, meaning, law, sensitivity, deep emotions, intimacy, trust, vulnerability, sexuality, facing fears, transformation, finance, wealth, debt, taxes, legacies, estates, shared assets.

How smart are you, Gemini? As an air sign — air is the element of movement, connection — you pick up new ideas quickly. But Aquarius Season is a time when you have to prove your intellectual chops.

With that in mind, education is a key area of focus this month and you may be taking classes or pouring over books in order to seek out new experiences and points of view. That said, if you think you have all the answers, guess again.

The lunar eclipse, falling just before the start of the month, will put information and ideas in the spotlight. Additionally, you may be making travel plans this month, from foreign shores to short trips out of town.


The solar eclipse on February 15 in particular will highlight an important or even life changing trip or opportunity to study. Similarly, your faith may be challenged or you may need to step up for what you believe in.

By February 17, Mercury, your ruling planet, will move onto Pisces, which happens to be the highest reaches of your chart. The rest of the month will emphasize responsibility, ambition, and working hard to get ahead.

Lastly, Mars is in your relationship sign of Sagittarius all month long, turning up the heat on all your interactions with people.

The mind, learning, education, classes, workshop, university, school, truth, wisdom, beliefs, facts, faith, ethics, moral compass, worldview, philosophy, religion, travel, trips, foreign shoes, other cultures, fundamentalism, right and wrong, law, career, profession, worldly life, title, status, responsibilities, work, maturity, leadership, relationships, partnerships, other people.

Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is a sign that is deeply connected to the ebb and flow of the lunar cycle. For you, these lunar eclipses — the first on January 31 followed by another on February 15 — highlight the tension between feeling safe versus feeling vulnerable, the stable earth beneath your feet versus needing to leap into the unknown.

With relationships being one of your key areas of development throughout , much of this tension may be taking place with a partner, especially if there is a situation that presses buttons, forcing you to open up or face your fears.

This may be an excellent time to tend to your emotional health, working with a therapist or confiding in a trusted confidant.

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In addition to tending to your emotional health, make sure you check in with your physical health as well. That said, the lunar eclipse on January 31, just before the start of the month, will put a big spotlight on money and material stability.

With work, career, and ambitions getting a cosmic push, you may be extra motivated to make a change in how you earn a living, seek out new lines of income, or create earthly stability in your life. But before you can do that, you also have to take a look at your overall finances — debts, taxes, accounts.

Birthday Horoscope February 17th

Do you have the wealth you need? Are there debts or loans that need your attention? The emotional intensity will start to subside later this month. Until then, make sure you give yourself a lot of TLC, especially as you navigate eclipse season.

When eclipses fall in Leo, they are also happening in the sign of Aquarius, your opposing sign in the wheel of the zodiac. Aquarius is also your relationship sign, so relationships are likely an area that has and will see changes.

After all, Mars is stirring up romance and play all February long, making you feel extra flirtatious. By the way, a pregnancy or birth totally falls within these conditions. So keep this in mind, Leo. Additionally, health and wellness will be a focus this month courtesy of Saturn.

How will you use February to make appointments with the doctor or health care practitioner? How will you take a look at your diet and fitness? Similarly, how will you schedule your day more efficiently and master the details of daily life? You, new beginnings, action, moving forward, other people, relationships, partnerships, balance, sacrifice, duty, service, responsibilities, details, organization, schedule, health, wellness, diet, fitness, nutrition, big events, change, transformation, crossroads, romance, play, creativity, self expression, identity, children, pregnancy.

That said, we should probably talk a little about your tendency to hold onto things.

Birthday Horoscope February 17th Aquarius, Persanal Horoscope for Birthdate February

Like, white knuckle, neurotic hold onto things. And thank God for that. How did that make you feel?

Take a deep breath. Although it clocked in on January 31, the lunar eclipse sets the stage for February, highlighting all the things you need to let go of and get zen with.

What needs tidying up? Do you have habits, negative patterns, or addictions that have long outlived their usefulness? Time to chuck them into the bin, even if they are emotional or spiritual in nature. This month will also put a large amount of emphasis on your overall health and wellness.

You may be making doctor appointments, looking into new practitioners, or the latest trends in healing. Nevertheless, something has to shift and despite how perfectly organized you think your life is, chances are the Universe has another perspective. Look to your dreams for clues and guidance as well.

The solar eclipse on February 15 will give your life a reset, setting you up for changes in work, projects, health, or your schedule.

On February 17, Mercury, your ruling planet, will move into Pisces for a two and a half week stay. Seeing how Pisces is your relationship sign, the narrative will start to involve other people in the second half of February. Part of letting go means learning to negotiate with the key people in your life, especially your mate or partner. Lastly, Mars is down in Sagittarius all month long, heating up issues in the home or with family.

You may be planning a move as well. Try to book in some spa time this month while you can.

Health, wellness, diet, fitness, nutrition, hospitals, recuperation, retreat, withdraw, letting go, endings, existential crisis, the soul, spirituality, meditation, dreams, relationships, other people, partnership, negotiation, home, living situation, family, foundation, roots, emotional security.

Libra, your life recently made a big shift. When Saturn moved into Capricorn back in December, it also metaphorically perhaps literally? The lunar eclipse on January 31 may miss February by one day, but its energy will definitely be in play the first week or so of the month.

Like a spotlight, the lunar eclipse will shine a light on community, friendships, and the groups you are connected with.

And seeing how lunar eclipses often force an issue, you will likely have a decision to make about the people you connect with as well as your vision of the future. At the heart of this eclipse as well as the solar eclipse on February 15 is a tension between identities — your identity versus the collective identity … you versus your place in your community.

With the South Node of the Moon in Aquarius, you may find that the eclipses call on you to make some personal sacrifices. That may even include becoming a parent or having to take care of your parents. In other news, Venus, your ruling planet, will move into Pisces on February 10, making the rest of the month about work, projects, organization, and tending to your health.

February will likely be a busy time for you as you run around town with appointments, spend time in your neighborhood, and deal with an uptick in communication. You may be extra motivated to take a class or read up on new subjects this month.

Identity, identification, the self, self expression, creativity, talents, children, the group, friends, community, social networks, connection, the future, big picture, sacrifice, responsibilities, the home, family, foundation, roots, emotional stability, emotional connection, inner circle, work, health, wellness, fitness, diet, nutrition, travel, information, classes, workshops, communication, the voice, the mind, learning, speaking, writing.

And here we are, flying into eclipse season. They are lining up with your career sign of Leo and your home sign of Aquarius, signs that form a major axis in your chart, like a pole that your life anchors and rotates around.

The Leo lunar eclipse on January 31 yes, not quite February, but oh so close will put your career in the spotlight. You may be making a change in your professional direction, making a change in jobs, or even getting recognition for your work.

Lunar eclipses also demand decisions, so you may be feeling tension between your personal and public life, tension between what you need versus your responsibilities. With Mars squaring against Neptune, too, something may require some sacrifice, some letting go. But, as you know, one door closes and another opens, Scorpio. People born specifically on the 17th of February are believed to be smart, charismatic and full of farsighted wisdom.

February 17 Birthday Astrology

The water bearer originality is very evident in you, along with conscientiousness courtesy of the ruling astrological planet for this particular day, Saturn.

If you have this birthday you are ambitious natured, persistent and seem to constantly challenge yourself to do bigger, better things. You are hardworking, innovative and determined with the usual Aquarian humanitarianism and dash of eccentricity. You present yourself as strong and capable yet underneath you can be quite the opposite.

Although you have an obstinate streak emotionally you may be rather intense and tend to express yourself more effectively in a nonverbal manner. Individuals with a February the seventeenth birthday enjoy the company of others but also solitude. Work that is personally interesting could be difficult to find for an individual born on the seventeenth of February.

Your charming intelligent mannerisms are sometimes best placed in a public facing role however you much prefer quieter occupations if given a choice. You are more interested in a job that lets you be flexible with your hours and maybe utilizes your thorough diligence.

Finances are not generally a problem for you but saving can be hard to do. You are often meticulous with your budgeting but rarely leave anything spare to build up and save, causing you to sometimes be tempted to borrow. For an Aquarian, the person born on the seventeenth day of February is still expressively independent but also a believer in destined partners.

You are strong willed and not easily distracted by the emotions of romance but are likely to fall in and out of love fairly quickly. Even though you can be sociable and friendly your uncertainty and indecisiveness in affairs of the heart may be troublesome. You are incredibly adept at hiding your feelings making you appear a lot cooler and distant than you really are.

As a lover you are sexually impulsive, passionate and openminded. As a soul mate partner you are usually immensely understanding, loyal and devoted. Emotional betrayal of any kind deeply hurts you and ordinarily means that you will end a personal relationship no matter what the circumstances.

Fidelity is everything to you so cheating is almost never forgiven.

Daily horoscope

Health disturbances experienced by those born on February 17th are every now and then linked to the heightening of stress levels. You often take on more than you can reasonably manage and wear yourself out physically and mentally fulfilling obligations if you are not careful. You should eat regularly and ideally try to not stay cooped up indoors for long periods.

Walking and getting some fresh air are commonly therapeutic for people born on this day when they begin to feel anxiety building. Bodily vulnerabilities to watch out for are in the joints or feet, try to take extra care of these areas. Your main strengths of character are to be found in the steadfast, unyielding approach to life that you possess and your metaphysical thought processes.

These characteristics and your caring sensuality are the fortes that individualize you from others in your zodiac group and help you through life.

Weaknesses of the personality for those born on February 17th are your tendencies to guard and suppress your emotions a little too much and on occasion isolate yourself.

These negative aspects to your individuality and your doubtful wavering can be worked upon with the assistance of loved ones. Being born on the 17th of February usually means that you will have realistic goals often mainly based on financial and emotional security.

A secure, affectionate mind and body personal relationship with someone special is a usual top priority. These life aims are normally formed in childhood along with a wish to do something to right the many inequalities you see in the world.

You also tend to dream frequently and could have a slight psychic edge to your dreaming. Many of the foundations of your futuristic ideas and motivational abstract thinking are generated from the content of dreams. As you were born on the seventeenth of the month the one and the seven give you a birth Root number of Eight.

This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Leader' and it highlights your qualities of dedication and perseverance. The 17th Tarot card in the Major Arcana, The Star is the one most closely associated with your birthday. This symbolizes your acute perception and large amount of compassion.

The gemstone considered luckiest for February the seventeenth birthdays is the Black Pearl.