Ehtesham Hasnain


Born and bred in Dhaka, Bangladesh, he has been living in Scotland since 2002.

Ehtesham has graduated from Khulna University and has an MSc in Finance from Aberdeen Business School.

Industries he has worked in are FMCG, energy, oil & gas and financial services. At present, he works in a multinational investment bank as a senior manager.

Ehtesham has an avid passion in poetry, music and other branches of fine arts & culture.

He says, “Life is a complex, interconnected system where everything is interdependent. We are all part of a web of relationships that extend beyond our individual existence. Each event, action, and decision we make has a ripple effect that impacts not only ourselves but also the environment and the people around us. To live a fulfilling life, we need to recognize and appreciate these connections and strive to cultivate positive ones.”

He has been involved with BAG in various capacities since it's rebirth in 2014. He has held the role of Treasurer in this organization since 2016.

Ehtesham is married to Sarah and the couple has a 8-year old daughter, Zara.