Our Shared Cultural Heritage (OSCH ) - April 2021 Present

This is an environment-related project in conjunction with British Council and Glasgow Life. Our young generation went on a bird-watching trip and attended an environment-related workshop. The output from the partnership will be a documentary on climate change which we hope to premiere at some point soon.

Social Action Project 5th July Present

This is another environment-related project working with our youth. The project involves holding environment related workshops and the public speaking training.

EC Meetings

A number of meetings were held at the EC Board level to ensure all our planned activities were on track and progressing smoothly.
A couple of joint meetings were held with the Trustee board to share information and seek advice.

BAG Charity Food Drive - 12th December 2021 12th February 2022

Every year, BAG raises money to buy healthy food (where possible) to donate to the needy. The EC Board, with the approval of the Trustees, agreed to continue this drive but in memory of our late President, Mridula Nasreen Sarwar. The drive will start on the 12th of December every year (the day of her sad demise) and end on the 12th of February (to mark her birthday). The money raised this year helped to donate food and other essential items to the Homeless Project Scotland and Refugee.

Conference of the Birds 7th November 2021

The Conference of the Birds is a Persian Poem by Sufi poet Fariduddin Attar.

The poetry is about the journey of birds through 7 valleys:
1. Valley of the Quest
2. Valley of Love
3. Valley of Knowledge
4. Valley of Detachment
5. Valley of Unity
6. Valley of Wonderment
7. Valley of Poverty and Annihilation (Anayalation)

We were contacted by The Necessary Space to translate the 7 valleys into music form.
Due to time constraints, we managed 5 out of the 7. Rasheeq composed the 4 music scores.

Hello Youth 7th November 2021

To mark Glasgow hosting COP26, an opportunity came up to develop our children in public speaking and guide them toward becoming active and responsible citizens. With the help of the Speakers Trust and Glasgow Museum, several of our children were trained in the art of public speaking. 4 of the children, Adi, Aryan, Razin, and Sahil, presented on climate-related topics close to their hearts. It was a very proud moment for us all when Adi and Razin were chosen as winners from across the UK.

Millepede The Shoe Shop that doesn’t cost the earth 1st Nov 2021

An environmental-related project in conjunction with National Theatre Scotland.
The goal was to create fantasy footwear with one only thought – think about our own carbon footprints and the impact it has on climate change.
Our youth created a number of photo-based scenarios which were uploaded to the Millepede website.

Eid Party 30th May 2021

This was the first cultural event of 2021 under the guidance of the new EC Board hosted via Zoom due to the lockdown.
The event was in two parts – social and cultural - hosted by our Social Secretary Nahid Chowdhury and Cultural Secretary Zakia Sultana respectively.
An afternoon of music and poetry from our younger generation followed by lots of adda!

Hello Food Lovers

HeLLo Food Lovers’ – Bangladeshi Food Festival and Gastronomy Masterclass with Celebrity Chef Tommy Miah

Saturday 29th October
11am to 4pm

Scotland's Lascar Heritage

Bangladesh Association Glasgow and Glasgow museums present "Scotland's Lascar Heritage" event

Date: Saturday 18th June, 9.30 - 16.00
Venue: Kelvin Hall Lecture Theatre, 1445 Argyle St, Glasgow G3 8AW

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BHASHA - the 4th Glasgow Language Festival at 70 years of Language Movement
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BAG organizes a climate event on Sunday 7 November from 12 to 3 pm.

It will be nice to have you to motivate young people. The registration details are above.

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COVID-19 - Open Forum - 4

Bangladesh Association Glasgow (BAG) is holding an online open forum to provide an update on COVID-19 and a Q & A session. 

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COVID-19 Life Saving Fund Appeal

Message from the President

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