Eid Get Together (2020)

Eid Get Together (Virtual)

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Ramadan 2020

Message from the President

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COVID-19 - Open Forum

Bangladesh Association Glasgow (BAG) is holding an online open forum to provide an update on COVID-19 and a Q & A session. 

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Bangladesh Association Glasgow (BAG) has elected a new committee for the next two years in their Annual General Meeting held on 13th April 2019. This committee will be steered by the newly elected President Mrs Mridula Nasreen Sarwar and General Secretary Mrs Samiya Haque-Khan with support from a talented and diversified new executive board. 

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BAG PRESIDENT NEWSLETTER (end of 1st year of the term May 2018)

It seems only yesterday we were taking our oath and suddenly a year has zipped by! looking back, I am astonished to see how far we have travelled together. What has changed about BAG measurably during this time is that the present team has been attentive to ‘what people want’. Our GS and Social Secretary has been instrumental in bringing this culture change. A Lot of our activities have been guided by people’s wishes.

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Provaat Fery

BAG dedicated the 25th February 2017 morning's HLL session to Language Martyrs of 1952

Annual Bursary Programme

We are delighted to announce an Annual Bursary program for the school children of our community. The main objective of this program is to help our children to achieve greater success in their endeavours and its a way to encourage them to full fill their dreams.

As part of this program, BAG would like to award a monetary sum and certificate to one primary school pupil and one secondary school pupil later in the year.

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Victory Day Celebration at The Scottish Parliament


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BAG Presents HeLLo
BAG PRESIDENT NEWSLETTER (end of October 2017)

October began in Glasgow with a fantastically big Harvest full-moon. Fanatics like myself were treated to a sumptuous sequel of a sci-fi classic. In the USA it began and ended with terror, UK got hammered by storm Ophelia, humanitarian crisis of the Rohingya’s continue to cause outrage throughout the world and finally misbehaving celebrities seem to have opened a floodgate of sordid stories and accusations.

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BAG PRESIDENT NEWSLETTER (end of September 2017)

As Autumn sets in with falling leaves and blustery winds and rain, last few weeks was the time to take stock and prepare for things to happen in the coming months for community to make the best of short days and long cold nights.

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BAG PRESIDENT BLOG (week of 9 th September 2017)

Living in an age/era of narcissism I find it a constant battle to get the ‘me’ out of equation. Bangladesh Flood Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation (BFERR) has given me a golden opportunity to do that. Personally, I used to feel having a BLOG is another way of expressing your innate narcissism. But I’ve changed my view. I think it can be a useful tool for communication. So here I go!

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Executive Committee Meeting

Venue (tentative): President's House

We have been advised that Eid is on 1st September. However, if Eid moves to 2nd Sept, the meeting will be moved to 3rd September but venue will remain the same.

We would really appreciate if you could let us know if you are able to attend the meeting. Please note that there are many important issues to be discussed and your attendance is highly desired. If you cannot attend for any reasons, please make sure that you send your apology.

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Bangladesh Association Glasgow (BAG) has celebrated Eid reunion dinner and cultural program (Eid Anonda Mela) on Friday, June 30, 2017 at Legacy Hub. The Eid celebration buffet dinner was followed by the fascinating cultural program where guest artists from Melbourne, Edinburgh and or local Glaswegian talents has performed.


Bangladesh Association Glasgow (BAG) has elected a new committee for the next two years in their Annual General Meeting held on 29th April 2017. This committee will be steered by the newly elected President Dr. Saif D Khan and General Secretary Engr. Nasir Uddin with support from a talented and diversified new executive board. 

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21 February Celebration

BAG celebrates একুশে ফেব্রুয়ারী and International Mother Language Day in a unique way where you can read books, display your own books or exchange with others. You can stand up in an 'extempore speech corner' to speak out your thoughts and share with a panel of senior citizens. Children will be told a brief history of 1952. You will also enjoy short films at the end of the show. BAG creates an environment for intellectuals, readers, listeners and film lovers in this special 100 years old Edwardian Library. Please come and encourage others with your presence. (Leaflet attached)

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Bangladesh Association Glasgow was part of this artists' conversation for the last 5 days. It was a glorious opportunity for Scot-Bangladeshis to present their stories and present Bangladesh on a positive colour. It was also a time to learn about other cultures, hear their stories. It was fascinating! It was wonderful to make new friends from all over the world! Thank you NTS again for choosing #BAG as the group to represent Glasgow and in the process recognising the contribution of Scot-Bangladeshis have been making to Scotland for years #NTSHomeaway

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প্রতিচ্ছবি Bangla Magazine Covers

Covers of some magazines published by Bangladesh Association during late 80's and early 90's. We will be adding the contents of each magazine slowly onto our website as soon as they are scanned and ready to upload. We hope you will enjoy those old and authentic articles written by some of our senior fellow Bangladeshis who lived in Scotland in those early days.

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