Supporting Earthquake Relief Efforts in Syria and Turkey

In Bangladesh Association Glasgow, we always look for opportunities to help the community and wider mankind. So, when we heard about a local charity named “ Refuweegee “ and a Syria-based organization named “ White Helmets “, we decided to raise funds and donate the collections to these charities. You will be glad to know that we donated hygiene products to "Refuweegee," which works for the welfare of Syrian refugees and does many anti-racism works for Muslim communities in Glasgow. We also raised £500.00 and donated it to "White Helmets," an organization that tirelessly works to rescue survivors of earthquakes in Syria. We concluded this charity drive yesterday 11th February to celebrate the Birthday of our late President Mrs. Mridula Nasreen Sarwar.

She was a very kind lady, who used to say "What's the point of living for ourselves? I want to live by embracing everyone around me." In fact, she is still alive by embracing all of us in our memories and through her noble works.

We would like to thank all BAG members for their kind donations to this noble cause!