Dr. Mamtaz Begum


Dr. Begum is a retired psychiatrist, a proud mother who set an example of work-life. She was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh in an educated Muslim family. She graduated from Dhaka Medical College in 1972.

After marriage to Dr Muhammed Abdul Muqit, she moved to Scotland in 1972. She spent her entire working life in psychiatry accruing over 30 years of experience in general psychiatry before retiring as an Associate Specialist Psychiatrist in 2014 from Lanarkshire Health Board.

Looking back to her past, he said, ‘Despite working as a psychiatrist it is the role of a mother that I have I enjoyed most.’ She is a mother of three sons and one daughter. Mizanual Muqit is a Trade Union Secretary; Miratual Muqit, is a Professor at Dundee University; Mahiul Muqit, is a consultant Ophthalmologist at Moorefield Hospital in London; and Piya Muqit is a Human Rights Barrister, working in Myanmar as a Country Director.

Dr. Begum was a member of the Bangladeshi Medical Association UK (BDMA UK) central executive committee (CEC) holding several senior positions including Vice-President and Joint Secretary. She promoted Bangladeshi culture by organising Bijoy Dibosh and the Language Movement, various social events and charitable work to help all Bangladeshis in Glasgow including the newly arrived Bangladeshis.

She said, ‘I have successfully achieved bringing up a family and being able to balance with my career. Presently enjoying my retirement equally in Bangladesh and Scotland, I am able to treat patients in Dhaka who are unable to afford medical treatment. I shall continue to spend time in both Bangladesh and Scotland and my charity work.’