Tareq Abdullah


Dr. Tareq Abdullah MRCP FRCR currently works as a consultant oncologist at NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde. His regular job is treating breast and colorectal cancer patients, developing a new tumour service, teaching & mentoring medical trainees, and conducting cancer research.

He says, ’I enjoy my work, particularly dealing with cancer patients and their families which requires a holistic approach. My job can be psychologically and physically demanding. Like my colleagues, I learned to cope with challenging situations.’

Tareq is elected as President of BAG, and a lifelong trustee of the charity. He has been leading the executive committee from 2021.

He has introduced practical philosophy amongst the Bangladeshi community in Glasgow. For the last 4 years he has been promoting the philosophy of healthy living Lifestyle (HLL) by organising multiple lifestyle events called 'HeLLo' focusing on young and vulnerable adults. HLL focuses on physical health including nutrition, mental health, spiritual health, and ethical aspects. All of BAG’s activities come under the broad umbrella of HLL.

In his spare time, Tareq dabbles as a writer, poet, dramatist and documentary maker. He continued literary activities as Chief Editor of the annual bilingual magazine 'Jora Shanko’. He produced the documentary ‘Home and us’ based on Bangladeshi immigrants in Glasgow which was shown in the Scottish Parliament to commemorate the Independence day of Bangladesh. During COP26, he raised awareness on zero emission and healthy lifestyle by producing animation. ‘Silence of the lamb and the birds and the fishes and us’ and a documentary, ‘Farin’s flock of sheep’. The productions were supported by Film Access Scotland, Make Scotland Beautiful and Creative Scotland and Bangladesh association Glasgow.

He represented Glasgow as a theatre director of the play ‘MEMORi’ in one of Scotland's most internationally acclaimed theatre venues ‘Tramway theatre’ during a theatre festival of National Theatre Scotland (NTS). He was the playwright of the drama ‘Kobor after’ which was staged at Mitchell Theatre during the Glasgow Language Festival. He wrote the play ‘Lascari’; the play relates historical events and facts of Lascars, and development of curry industries in Scotland. Lascari was staged at the cargo deck of the iconic 1890’s ship ‘The Glenlee’. Tareq provided creative direction jointly with theatre academician Sudip Chakroborthy. Tareq is a member of the Lascar research group of Scotland working closely with Glasgow Museums.

Tareq is a participatory artist representing Scotland along with co-artist Rasheeq Syed in an international artists group called ‘Conference of Birds (COTB)’. The group travels to seven valleys to achieve enlightenment; the concept was taken from the book of Sufi poet Fariduddin Attar from the 14th century. COTB was originally created by Erica May and Simon Sharkey of ‘The Necessary Space’, with active participation of Duke Redbird, an indigenous canadian poet and a key figure in the development of 'First nations' literature in Canada.

Tareq supervises young people in the 'Social action project' of the British council, mentoring them to produce a documentary on climate change. He supervises the young group in 'Our shared Cultural Heritage (OSCH)' to develop skills in public speaking and forming a debate club.

‘I work with an excellent team in the community which makes it possible to get involved in a multitude of activities during and after the pandemic.’, Tareq was humble in his statement.

He speaks about young people, ’I am looking forward to a generation who are not just educated but wise; not only wise but enlightened with human values such as respect, acceptance, consideration, appreciation, listening, openness, affection, empathy and love towards other human beings.’

Tareq is a keen runner, completed 27 half marathons in different cities in Europe and the UK to raise money for cancer patients. He lives in Bearsden with his wife and 3 children.