Sarwar Hassan


Sarwar Hassan is a Marine professional, presently employed in a senior management position within an International Shipping Company V.Ships UK.

He is an ex Marine Chief Engineer, MIMarEST and Strathclyde University Business School Alumnai, MBA.

Owing to his prolong career in Shipping industry he has extensively travelled around the world. Which has enriched him with an insight of different social, cultural and multi faceted human values.

His keen interest in art, culture, music, sports brought him closer to people and given opportunity to lead various social organisations.

He is passionate about community building - social enlightenment and committed to serve for greater causes of the society.

Sarwar is regarded as a humble person who lead multiple voluntary organisations. He served as a president of Bangladesh Association Glasgow (BAG) from 2013 to 2016 and as a president of Bengali Performing Arts (BPA) from 2010 to 2012. He is the chairperson of the Trustee board of Bangladesh Association Glasgow.

Sarwar is also known for his effort in philanthropic work to help people from all backgrounds.

‘We accord the highest priorities to the social values, appreciate people’s aspiration to build a fairer happier society where there will be equal opportunity for everyone.’, he speaks about the community.

Spending most of the early life in ocean, later settled in beautiful Scotland, he enjoys sailing at sea with his yacht ‘Mridula’, where he still finds solace for himself.