Bangladesh Association Glasgow (BAG) has elected a new committee for the next two years in their Annual General Meeting held on 29th April 2017. This committee will be steered by the newly elected President Dr. Saif D Khan and General Secretary Engr. Nasir Uddin with support from a talented and diversified new executive board. 

The new committee replaces the former which was established in 2014. The past committee successfully revived and reshaped the organisation to its current glorious status. The previous committee was run under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Sarwar Hassan & Dr. Tareq Abdullah and their team.

Since the revival of the organisation, many a milestones were reached at delivering remarkable programmes and events which includes, the Commonwealth Games Celebrations 2014, ‘Pohela Boishakh’ (Bengali New Year) Celebration at Burrell Collection in 2015 and BAG’s participatory theatre performance of ‘memorI’ in the National Theatre Scotland’s 10th anniversary International Festival ‘Home/Away’ in 2016, annual publication of literary magazine ‘Jorashanko’ and many more.


As we bid a fond adieu to the previous committee, we also extend a warm welcome and best wishes to the newly elected executive board.

We are hopeful that the new leadership will continue to promote Bangla language and culture in the mainstream, strengthening social cohesion and integration with their innate versatility and innovative ideas. We look forward to witness and share more exciting programmes that we have observed in the last few years, which includes the upcoming Healthy Living Project, yet to titled Short Film based on a story of the award winning writer Shahaduzzaman and many more in the near future.